I Bet You Can't Score Higher Than 60%

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Saara said:
May 3 '16, 1:46PM

Holy crap! 100%
Well dats awesome!
Sorry bout you peeps who got 0
Looks like one of those weird quizzes

enderbrine813 said:
Apr 30 '16, 8:56PM

wow. 0.

galaxycat123 said:
Apr 17 '16, 3:09PM

So stupid

nardos said:
Apr 16 '16, 4:38AM

lol. .....7 haaaaa funny quiz

Ashlynb said:
Mar 20 '16, 9:15AM

got 100

CutiePie7 said:
Mar 14 '16, 10:09AM

That's stupid, I didn't get it

crays48 said:
Mar 10 '16, 4:50PM

The answers are j 5 and bed

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