I bet I can guess your age!

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Bonnie Fan said:
Jul 4 '16, 4:49PM

I'm 11 but its close

Rebekahh27 said:
Jun 20 '16, 11:59AM

I got 14-15, but I'm 11. I act mature though :P Good job! :)

Story Saara said:
Jun 18 '16, 5:10AM

So u are eight still? Oh my god...

I got i am a senior but i am 11 hahaha lol

Awesomechick24 said:
Jun 15 '16, 12:35AM

They guessed I'm 12 or 13 and there right wow

RainbowPenguin7 said:
Jun 11 '16, 12:12PM

YOU GUESSED 10 OR 11 AND IM 10!!!! :)

CStone said:
Jun 8 '16, 6:06PM

fun..eager to do others.

_sadie_214 said:
May 30 '16, 7:50PM

it said i was hard to tell

DancingMilk said:
May 30 '16, 1:52PM

I'm 16 and is something wrong with that? That came out wrong

crays48 said:
May 29 '16, 3:19PM

Close enough. Only one year off, and I'm pretty mature for my age.

Niku said:
Apr 19 '16, 11:50PM

It's "maybe," not "mabey."

BadWolf2 said:
Apr 10 '16, 8:04PM


Boolis said:
Apr 8 '16, 2:23PM

Im 10 you guessed 13

Jazzypooz said:
Apr 6 '16, 10:19AM

Wtf I'm 14 it said I was 55+ lol wow you were (so close) my nigga

Cutiekitty said:
Apr 3 '16, 1:31PM

You guessed it. Im 9!!!!!

gothicsuzanna said:
Mar 21 '16, 3:22PM

im not 10 or 11 im 13

Dhwani said:
Mar 21 '16, 3:31AM

I am 11! And not 9 years!!!You cant guess my age

sheridan said:
Mar 16 '16, 10:13PM

what the f--k man. I am f--king nearing 9. this quiz is crap. who ever made this quiz is a b----

niranjani said:
Mar 16 '16, 10:49AM

hey...I am not 9 years!!!!!I am 13 dude....OMGGGGGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!

DarkCrawler said:
Mar 10 '16, 7:57PM

This dude is an Idiot first off I am not 10-11 I am nearly freakin fourteen and second He spelled THINK wrong what a low intelectual DumbA-- I can guess his age FIVE

EnvyFangirl1 said:
Mar 7 '16, 10:25PM

14-15 X3 yup!

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