I bet I can guess your age!

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tuna24 said:
Feb 6 '17, 12:54PM

I am 14, and on the quiz results age 14 was at the very bottom. I don't like this quiz very much, it is not acurate

Lynetta said:
Jan 26 '17, 4:45AM

Quiz said that I'm nine, but I'm 11

Tacocat1 said:
Jan 10 '17, 9:09PM

It said I was nine? Why? Oh well... Good quiz 👍

annafrozen12 said:
Dec 31 '16, 11:31PM

It said I was a little younger, but pretty close.

BOBCAT1010 said:
Dec 13 '16, 2:40PM

I'm not 14-25 I'm about to be 13

Hermione9989 said:
Nov 11 '16, 5:52PM

im 9 not 12-13

Nickaube said:
Oct 27 '16, 6:41PM

I'm 11 but it said 12-13

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