I bet I can guess your age!

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FluffyEtini said:
Jul 10 '17, 6:56PM

Oops I meant 10- 11

FluffyEtini said:
Jul 10 '17, 6:55PM

I'm surprised
On mental age tests I usually get 20-40 ish
Great quiz

Stardust1 said:
Jun 17 '17, 2:58PM

WHAT THE HECK?! 12-13. That's just insulting. Terrible quiz.

Julia Anderson said:
May 3 '17, 7:48AM

I'm 13

I bet I can guess your age!
Your Result: Hard to tell

It is hard to tell how old you are. Sorry. Take the quiz again and mabey I will guess again. Thank you for taking my wonderful quiz.bye bye bye bye bye

79%I think you are 12 or 13

73%I think you are an adult (16-55)

73%I think you are 9 years old

72%I think you are 14 or 15

70%I think you are 10 or 11

65%I think you are a senior (55+)

xThirsty said:
Mar 24 '17, 4:03PM

I got 14 - 15. I'm actually 12 but good guess :)

Doggy said:
Mar 18 '17, 2:16PM

I'm not 14 or 15 I'm 13 and what the hell I don't Luke your quiz but you were close to figuring out my age 😎 I'm still young bro 😝

SilverOwl125 said:
Feb 22 '17, 12:46AM


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