How well do you know The Shining

"There are many horror films out there, but few that remain classics. What is a classic horror movie? A classic horror movie is one you can watch again and again, you often know many of the lines. The Shining is my all time favorite, how about you?"

"Are YOU a true Steven King fan? Do you know all of his books and movies? Thanks to this quiz, you can test your knowledge on one of his all time classics!"

Created by: JFK
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2. What is your gender?
3. What was the name of Jack Nicholson's character in the movie?
John Andrews
Jack Tiller
Jack Torrance
John Torrance
John Tiller
Bob Andrews
4. What was the name of the hotel the family cared for?
The Outlook Hotel
The Hotel Colorado
The Hotel California
The Amityville Hotel
The Overlook Hotel
The Overpass Hotel
5. Who was Danny's imaginary friend and where did he live?
Johnny - In the basement
Terrance - In his mouth
Terrance - In the basement
Tony - In his mouth
Tony - in the basement
Elmo - In the T.V.
6. What was the former caretakers' name?
Charlie Daniels
James Grady
John Garfield
Stephen King
Charles Grady
Jack Torrance
7. What was the number of the room that Danny was afraid of?
8. What does the former caretaker's ghost say needed to be done to Wendy and Danny?
They needed to be warned
They needed to be corrected
They needed to be brought home
They needed psychiatric help
They needed an explanation
They needed new T.V.s
9. What did Danny write on the bathroom door?
I love you
I like drums
10. What was Jack typing on his typewriter the whole time he was writing his novel
All I want to do is die
Murder makes Jack happy
Help me Wendy
I like ice cream
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
11. What famous line did Jack use during the movie.
I'll be back
welcome home
Here's Johnny
Where's the beef?
Are we there yet?
Got Milk?
12. What was the name of the bartender that served Jack "the hair of the dog that bit me"

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