how well do you know the house finch

are you the house finch expert?Can you tell me details about the house finches life?such as it's color,and size? well now you can.lets find out and see if your the house finch wisperer.

in just a minute you can not just test your knowledge of the house finch but,also learn about it as i hope you enjoy my strange intelligent quiz.also please do rate it.

Created by: hollie
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1. first of what does a MALE house finch look like?
black all over,with a red beak
mostly gray all over with gold cheeks,russet beak and white belly
mostly black,with gray cheeks and yellow beaks
how should i know?
green,with a black beak
2. what size is the house finch.
medium,like a canary
owl size?
smaller than a toddler's hand
emperor penguin size in other words LARGE
3. it takes how many days for a finch egg to hatch.?
20 days
close to a year:365 days
120 days
40 days
i dont know,ive already told you that.
4. their favorite treat is...
...sunflower seeds
ok,your starting to annoy me
...millet seed
vommit.(gross but true for some birds)
5. how much food can they eat a week?
a bag full
a bucket full
a cup full
half a cup full
ok im trying to hold in my patience and,YOUR NOT HELPING!!!
6. do finches like reflective surfaces?
yes its there you have to clean their poop the most.
no when they look in a mirror the tend to think that there relections are potential competition to their mates
7. they can live up to a...
large cage but,be a little cramped
medium cage smushed against the metal. unable to breathe.
you are a COMPLETE 8-4#-33(im a cudbutt?)
a small cage for two comfortably
8. do you take them out of the cage.
only to clean their cage
sure,watch them fly does no harm.
i hate you.(i love you too)
9. how often do you clean their cage?
once a week
every two weeks
once a month
.im not speaking any more.
once a day
10. how is their beak shaped?
long and curved like a flamingo
short and cut like a parrot's
short and cut like a falcon's
...(you know if you dont like and or not know the quiz log out and save yourself embarrassment)
11. and now the the dreaded last question...what color is the finches eye?
what!?they're all the same!
12. ok sorry for lying ,NOW is the last question.will you rate my quiz?

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