How persnickety are you?

Ever met someone who is really persnicketty? Well, maybe they thought the same thing about you! Now you get a chance to understand what other people (like me) think of you and how persnicketty you are.

Don't be discouraged if you come out persnicketty, 'cause sometimes we all get into that mode. A clean house is a good house, but a single speck of dust is nothing compared to an extremely cluttered house. So, have fun taking my quiz!

Created by: Ehrin
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3. You are sweeping the floor...
4. ...and a mouse runs out in front of you. You...
...scream and run away! You hate mice!
...scream and start batting at the little beast with your broom!
...say, "oh, look, a mouse," and sweep it out the door, then continue wiht your work.
...bend down and say, "hi little mousey!" and put it in a shoebox for safe keeping.
5. There's just the tiniest speck of dust on your desk. You...
...gasp and bend down to carefully place it directly in the center of the trash can.
...nonchalantly sweep it aside with your hand.
...ignore it entirely--you have work to do!
6. You are shopping for clothing for your friend, 'cause tomorrow's her birthday. You take... extremely long time choosing something out for her. She has to have the BEST outfit in the whole entire store! most, fifteen minutes. You want to pick something nice, but you also don't want to take too long.
...just grab the first thing you see. She'll like anything you get her.
7. It's spring, and all your friends are talking about spring cleaning. As far as you're concerned, spring cleaning's...
...extremely important! You wouldn't be able to live the rest of the summer in a clutter-filled house!
...well, it's okay, but you only do it because your wife/husband hates a cluttered house.
...spring cleaning? Who ever heard of such a stupid thing?
8. Your friend invites you over for coffee. You get to her house, and it's a mess! You...
...say, "Oh, dear!' and start helping her pick up.
...take the stuff off of your chair and put it away where it belongs, then ignore the rest of the house.
...say, 'Oh, that's okay," and just sweep the stuff off your chair onto the floor.
9. How much of your time do you spend on the computer as opposed to cleaning?
Well, if there's cleaning to be done, the computer's a definite no-go.
I'll take about an hour on the computer and then clean up anything that needs to be cleaned up.
My whole day is spent on the computer, duhh!
10. Is your house cluttered right now?
No, no, if it was I wouldn't be taking this quiz.
Yeah, a little bit. I'll clean it up later.
Yeah, duhh!
11. The in-laws are coming to stay, and the closet in the guest room is absolutely a mess. You...
...immediately clean everything out and put it in a good spot.
...tidy the closet up. You don't want them to think you're a slob!
...shrug, and when they get here, just tell 'em to use the dresser.
12. The rugs are getting a bit dirty. You...
...give them a full washing and make sure there's not one speck of dust on them.
...get out the trusty old vacuum and clean them up a bit.
...ignore them. What use are they anyway?

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