How well do you know the House of Night?

The House of Night is one of the best book series in the world and my personal favorite. It gets kinda complicated and there are a lot of details: tis quiz will see if you skimmed through the books, or read between the lines.

So, how well do you know the House of Night series? Did you really read it, or did you skim through it? Take this quiz and fnd out if you are the expert on all things House of Night!

Created by: Nikki_Knox
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1. When is Zoey's birthday?
December 23th
December 24th
December 25th
December 26th
December 27th
January 29th
2. What is the name of Everyone's cats? In Order: Zoey, the Twins, Damien and Aphrodite.
Beelzebub, Cameron, Nala and Malficient
Cameron, Beelzebub, Malficient and Nala
Nala, Beelzebub, Cameron and Malficient
Malficient, Nala, Beelzebub and Cameron
3. Zoey has a special connection with someone's soul: who is it?
A and C
B and D
4. What is Nyx NOT known as?
Changing Woman
None of the Above
5. What is Aphrodite's full name?
Aphrodite LaFleur
Aphrodite LaRoux
Aphrodite LaBaie
Aphrodite LaFont
6. What's the name of the seventh book?
7. What was Kalona to Nyx?
Her Shaman
Her Warrior
Her Mate
Her Guardian
Her Consort
8. Who dies in Tempted?
Heath Luck
Sylvia Redbird
Sister Mary-Angela
Stevie-Rae Johnson
James Stark
9. who killed Loren Blake and Professor Nolan?
The People of Faith
The Red Vampires
John Heffer
Nobody knows....
10. Finish the sentence: "Zoey Redbird, I name you my eyes and ears in the world today,-"
a world where good and evil are struggling to stay on top.
a world where good and evil are struggling to find balance.
a world wheregood and evil are struggling to find their place.
A world where the veil between good and evil are ever so thin.
11. What was the very first poem Zoey heard Loren Blake recite at a ritual?
"She Whispers to the Night"
She Walks in Beauty"
She lies under the Moonlight"
She speaks to the Stars"
She dances in the Dark"
She Sleeps in Peace"
12. How many tattos has Zoey received throughout the first six books?
13. What is the Dark Daughters symbol?
A red crescent moon, inside a white full moon
Two blue and black full moons, overlapping each other.
Two crescent moons, back-to-back with a full moon
two blue full moons, a white crescent moon overlapping them.
Nyx's hands cupoing a crescent moon.
14. "The Wings of Eros" are for which former?
third former
fourth former
fifth former
sixth former
15. What do the fifth formers have?
The silver Maze of Nyx
The whirlpool of Destiny
the golden chariot of Nyx
the three Fates
The Wings of Eros
16. What is Zoey's favorite book?
A Night to Remember
Around the world in 60 days
17. How many book are the authors planning on writing?
18. Where does Stark go to save Zoey?
the Isle of Youth
the Isle of Woman
The Isle of the Shaman
The Isle of Warriors
The Isle of Sgiach
19. What does Heath call Leonardo DiCaprio?
Leonardo DiCrapio
Leonardo DiStupio
Retardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiScorpio

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