How Well Do You Know Richard III?

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Do you know your Richard III from your Richard I? Since the recent discovery of Richard's remains, we've found out new and exciting facts about him.

Take the Quiz here to determine how well you know the life and times of Richard III, history's most underrated and misunderstood King of England. Can you call yourself a Ricardian?

Created by: Ric Ardian
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2. What is your gender?
3. In which year was Richard born?
4. In which year did Richard die?
5. Richard III was not a hunchback, he had scoliosis.
Don't know
6. The name of Richard's mother was...
Anne Neville
Katherine Neville
Cicely Neville
7. When did his brother Edward IV die?
8. What was the name of Richard's wife and son?
Anne and Edward
Cicely and Richard
Elizabeth and Henry
9. Richard governed the North of England on behalf of his brother, king Edward IV and was known affectionately as 'Lord of the North'
Don't know
10. Where was Richard's son born?
Sheriff Hutton
Barnard Castle
Middleham Castle
11. Where did Richard wish to be his final resting place?
York Minster
Anywhere but Leicester
Raby Castle
12. Where did Richard plan a chantry of 100 priests to pray for his and his family's souls?
Council car park, Leicester
York Minster
Baynard Castle

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