How well Do You Know Politics

The following quiz is to prove how well you know the basics of politics. For most people do not know much about it. You will be tested on names, and expressions to determine how politically informed you are or for that matter how intellectualized you are when it comes to the term politics. Hopefully you will prove to be very intelligent in this quiz.

If you do not do very well on this quiz that means you are lacking development and have a way to go before you truely know anything about poltics. Some of the questions are just for kinks so it does not mean you are absolutley an idiot if you fail. Just try your best and stay focused on not doing perfect, but your very best and you will do fine.

Created by: Brad French
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1. Who was the Sixteenth President of the United States?
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
Andrew Cunanon
Abraham Lincoln
2. What is the GOP?
Grand Old Party
Great Oregon Party
George Owen Nicholis
3. What is a well known Conservative talk show?
Savage Nation
Saturday Night Live
Larry King Live
Stephen Colbert
Conan Obrian
4. What is a Conservative?
Some one who leans to the center
Some one who leans to the left
Some one who leans to the right
Don't know
5. Who is the Golfer?
Jay Leno
Michael Savage
Rush Limbaugh
Glen Beck
Wolf blitzer
James Madison
6. Who is Bill Airs?
A friend Barrack Hussein Obama
A terrorist
Guy Love
7. Who is Senator Dodd?
Democrat Senator of Massachussettes
8. Who was Frederick Douglass
A Slave Abolitionist
Secretary of State
George Washington's Friend
The captain of the MS Hampton
General George Patton's aid
Who was that guy?
9. Who said the following quote "My answer is bring them on."
George Bush
Arnold Schwarzen-----
Lou Dobbs
Bill O'rielly
Tep Kopple
Katie Currick
10. Who was the president who said this famious quote "We have nothing to fear but fear itsself"?
Ronald Regan
Alexander Hamilton

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