how well do you know Justin Bieber

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Cocoagirl said:
Mar 11 '12, 10:11AM

first off wuestion #4 selena is his girlfriend.dont put YOU! cuz ur not.stupid.

cristle said:
Nov 12 '11, 9:57PM

I know right, i think this is 2010 but I went with the flow and got 100% I not a stalker but know JB head to toe.

Jbiebzinspires said:
Jul 21 '11, 8:50PM

Some of these questions didn't have the right choices. His girlfriend is named Selena and he's 17

alegnageno said:
Mar 28 '10, 8:09PM

Justin Bieber has a GIRLFRIEND?! Thank GOSH i dont love or like him!!!

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