How Well do you know High School Musical?

Many people have heard of disneychannel. Disney has some of it's own movie's and this is all about High School Musical! Let's see if you have the knowledge to get pass the first question...

Do YOU know School Musical? Do YOU think you can pass this? See if you can find the answers and find out if you are an expert or just an obsessed student in the making.

Created by: Maggie
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1. How did Troy and Gabriella first meet?
They sang together at a club
Their friends introduced them to eachother
Troy saved Gabriella from drowning
They met at school
2. Who is Sharpay?
A sholastic nerd
The queen bee AKA the Ice Queen
Troy's girlfriend
Taylor's bestfriend
3. Does Sharpay have any siblings?
A sister named Amber
She is an only child
A twin sister, Meagan
A twin brother, Ryan
4. Who does Taylor like?
Who's Taylor?
5. What does Gabriella want to sign up for?
Teacher's Aid
6. What song does Sharpay sing for auditions?
Bop to the Top
What I've been looking for
When There was Me and You
Breaking Free
7. What is Gabriella singing alone in the hallways?
When There Was Me and You
We're All in this Together
Come Back to Me
She doesn't sing alone.
8. What do Taylor and Chad plan to do?
To go get some pizza on Friday
Get Sharpay out of the way
Break up Troy and Gabriella
Umm... PIE!!
9. Who is Kelsi?
A composer
A teacher
An assisstant
Sharpay's friend
10. What song do Troy and Gabriella sing for the callbacks?
Stick to the Status Quo
What I've been looking for
Breaking Free
Bop to the Top

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