High School Musical Quiz

There are many people that know what High School Musical is, but what do they know about it? This quiz will tell you that! Complex, easy(or not so easy) questions will give you a sense of whether or not High School Musical is your calling.

Do you know High School Musical back-to-front, inside out and up and down? If the answer is yes, this quiz is for you! Hit the books and try it out! 'Bop to The Top', 'Break Free' and 'Stick To The Status Quo!'

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1. What is Troy Boltons full name (in real life)?
Zachary David Alexander Efron
Zacary Alexander David Efron
2. When was he born?
18 October 1987
18 October 1989
3. What are his pets names?
Dreamer, Puppy and Simon
Soarer, Puppy and Simon
4. What are his pets (dogs or cats and how many)?
2 dogs and 1 cat
1 dog and 2 cats
5. What movie did he have to learn to ride horses for?
The Derby Stallion
The Kentucky Stallion
6. How many siblings does he have?
7. What gender?
8. What is his name?
9. What song did he sing on his own in the gym?
Breaking Free
Get'cha head in the game
10. Who did he shoot the movie High School Musical with?
Vanessa Hudgens
Ashley Tisdale

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