How Washington State Are You?

Washington state. Yeah, you know, that upper-left coner on any U.S. map. You've heard of it, probably. It is, after all, the only state named after a President. There's a lot to know about it.

So here's the big question... How much do YOU know about Washington? Do you think you know enough Washington state history and trivia to beat this quiz? Well, get ready to find out!

Created by: Kellsbells
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3. How do you pronounce Puyallup?
4. What four major companies call Seattle home?
Microsoft, Google, HP, Scholastic
Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing
Amazon, Boeing, Scholastic, Fischer-Price
Boeing, Apple, Scholastic, Starbucks
5. What river has a major waterfall?
The Duwamish
The Columbia
The Skycomish
The Snoqualmie
6. How often does it really rain in Seattle?
More than anywhere else in the U.S.
Less than New York and Chicago
About 90% of the time
Only during the winter
7. What is the Sound?
The noise you hear ferries making in the harbor
The local hockey team
The area of water surrounding Seattle
The boat that goes to Victoria BC
8. Pronunciation again: How do you pronounce Issaquah?
9. How different are Eastern and Western Washington from each other?
Not different at all
Eastern Washington is more industrial
Like night and day
Western has less people
10. How do you get to Point Roberts?
Follow I-90 out of Seattle, it's near Spokane
Cross into Canada and then come back down
Drive nearly to the Columbia River, it's just past Vancouver
Take a ferry to Orcas Island
11. What was the Pig War?
A war fought over a pig in the San Juan Islands, between the British and the Americans
An eating contest in Olympia between the Americans and the Spanish sailors
The squabble between Seattle and Tacoma residents (of uncertain cause) that resulted in the Great Seattle Fire
The only war ever fought between Americans and Canadians, fighting over possession of Bellingham
12. What is the Seattle Underground?
The small (but growing) subway system in Seattle
The alternative music festival held in Volunteer Park every November
The buried part of Seattle that was built over after the Great Seattle Fire
A "secret society" of software pirates
13. What is Seafair?
A Seattle celebration held in the marina downtown
A food festival with all the Seattle-style seafood at Chandler's Crabhouse
The 6th largest fair in the U.S., held in Puyallup
A famous sailboat race in Puget Sound
14. Where are Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish?
Almost at opposite ends of the state, one by Seattle and one by Pullman
Two man-made lakes surrounding Sequim
Offshoots of Puget Sound, near San Juan Island
Two large lakes on either side of Bellevue
15. What event do Washingtonians eagerly await as the two rival schools, UW and WSU, battle each other annually?
The Apple Cup
The Evergreen Cup
The Sounder Bowl
The East/West Showdown
16. Where did the name "Seattle" come from?
The name of Boeing's first airplane, which landed in Lake Sammamish
An Native American chief of the area, who didn't even really use the name
The Native American name of the local squirrels
A joking combination of the words "Sea" and "Battle", referring to the ocean setting and the Pig War
17. "SoDo" refers to...
South of Dome (the King Dome)
So Long, Dotcom (the Dotcom failure)
Soaking Doubtful (unlikely to rain within a few hours)
Soon Doom (the imminent earthquake in the area)
18. WASL is...
A standardized test
The ferry system between Seattle and Victoria
State-required community service
A new train tunnel being built under Capitol Hill
19. The monorail...
Has yet to break down, despite heavy rain and wind lately
Is being extended to go between Bellevue and Yakima
Runs through the middle of the Seattle Center and Downtown
Is getting relocated to the aquaduct above Alaskan Way
20. When did Mt. Saint Helens erupt?
In 1986 and 2001
In 1973 and 2004
In 1980 and 2004
It's been erupting continually since the late 1990s

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