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turrent2 said:
Aug 6 '14, 5:41PM

I've lived in South West Virginia my whole life. Who the hell wrote this quiz? What on earth does knowing rappers, and R&B singers have to do with living here? Do y'all think all we do is listen to hip-hop, and watch college sports? I don't know who wrote this quiz, but they shouldnt be allowed to produce any more of them.

Ev14 said:
Jun 30 '14, 8:51AM

I've live in VA my whole life how was I supposed to know what rappers lived here I don't stalk them that's weird

kabinda123 said:
Apr 22 '14, 9:33AM

I have lived in Virginia for 13 years. I missed all the questions on the rappers. I have no interest in rap or that kind of music and maybe they should have more questions about the state itself!

deafsketic said:
Mar 17 '14, 2:34AM

opps. Anyway, I was born deaf so I'm unable to answer questions regarding singers since I can not understand songs.

Also, many people have little interest in sports. I missed all the sports questions.

I'm a native Virginian for the record.

philat said:
Jun 2 '13, 5:47PM

I was born in Michigan, but lived for 67 years in Virginia. Agree that Virginia is more important than who coaches Tech or the mascots. The number of presidents, Jamestown, and other questions, perhaps having one question dealing with musicians/contempor ary music.

bolWeavah said:
Jun 2 '13, 2:14PM

The rappers, missed 'em, sorry too old and not interested & don't consider missing those not being a true Virginian! Probably missed who UVA beat in basketball too and the fingers thing in the end I'd never heard of. I agree with others, all the history in VA and this had more sports questions than anything. Yes, Kentucky and WVA border VA folks, get it right.

s0what said:
Jan 15 '13, 2:17PM

I have lived in Virginia for over 10 years. The questions which actually pertain to the state I knew. I don't follow the music scene, so how would I know what singers come from where? And whoever wrote the quiz needs to realize that both West Virginia AND Kentucky both border Virginia. So that was a loaded question. They need to redo some of these questions to reflect on the actual Commonwealth of Virginia.

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