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IceBabe said:
Dec 30 '11, 11:50AM

You are 41% Virginian

Aiight yo! Your almost halfway a true Virginian. You still need to study some more. You're not quite there yet.

Wow..Im impressed with myself since im only 8...

Ward Keener said:
Jun 6 '11, 9:16PM

Not everyone listens to rap or music of a similar genre. I surely do not, and so of course I missed those questions-- yet I have lived in Virginia my whole life, having never stepped foot out of Hampton Roads.

Amberpelt said:
Mar 2 '11, 11:04AM

Why did you put all these sports and rap questions on here? I agree with most of the people who commented. You need more HISTORY instead of things like sports because there are actually a lot of people that don't like sports.

Mint Julep said:
Aug 8 '10, 3:59PM

I was born and reared in Southwest VA. I attended Radford College when it was a part of VA Tech.

I know VA History because I have always had a keen interest in it. Had ancestors at Jamestown in 1619.

Rap isn't my thing. I support the Hokies(they were Gobblers when I attended Radford and had many more names before they were called Hokies.)

hannahbear said:
Jul 9 '09, 3:20AM

this quiz is seriously retarded. i was born in VA *moved to NC at 1yr old* and still visit like 2 weekends every month!
this quiz needs to have more history in it, instead of all this pop culture. FACT ONE: VIRGINIANS DO NOT LISTEN TO RAP. nu-uh. yes, basketball and mascot questions are okay, and so are speaker of the house ones. but RAP?! sorry, that's just stupid.

Southern Girl said:
Jun 30 '09, 9:25PM

This is a dumb quiz. The fact that they think most of the people in Virginia listen to rap says it all. Besides, both Kentucky AND West Virginia border Virginia. I was born and raised there. How about actually asking REAL questions. For example: What tribe did Pocahontas belong to? The Powhatan. When was Jamestown founded? 1607. Which college resides in Farmville? Longwood.

Hali said:
Apr 29 '09, 11:39PM

56%? Okay, considering I'm from Idaho, that's not bad! I agree that this quiz needed more history and less pop culture.

MysisisKCH said:
Mar 18 '09, 3:55PM

YEah... I don't listen to rap however... its true... Its a High Percentage of people who listen to rap! So Most of Rap consumers are the Children of the Losers that Voted for McCain STUPID... WHAT WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT OBAMA theo229

twinkie said:
Feb 14 '09, 10:09PM

Only 70%?
Screw this quiz

theo229 said:
Feb 6 '09, 12:43AM

Yes, va_babe and cpg, this quiz was stupid. To have such a high percentage of questions related to rap ignores the great history of this great Commonwealth. And no, va_babe, half the country doesn't listen to rap, only brain-dead morons like you do. Oh wait, maybe it is half the country. Idiot Obama voters I presume...

simone said:
Aug 12 '08, 10:38PM

97% yeah! After 8 years living her you would think I would know!!!!!!

nachtfrost said:
Feb 18 '08, 9:32PM

we have our own finger work?

cpgiambinyy25 said:
Jan 5 '08, 9:45PM

it wasnt retarted! i thought it was funny that i was only 68% virginian when thats my home stat3

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