how to eat fried worms movie quiz

This is A quiz of my favorite movie of all time: HOW TO EAT FRIED WORMS starring: Luke Benward,Adam Hicks,Blake Garrett,Philip Bolden,Alexander Agate,Ryan Malgarini,Andrew Gallingham,Alexander Gould and Austin Rogers

have you seen the movie ? do you think you have what it takes to take my quiz and do you know how to eat fried worms only one way to find out: Take the qwuiz and good luck!

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1. what are the names of the boys in Joe's gang
Benji,Plug,Bradley,Techno,Twitch and Donny
Cody,Warren,Dylan,Cole,Brian and Micheal
2. what is written on Billy's lunch box
Boy's Rock!
I love TSL
Billy .F
3. what did Plug and Bradley put in Billy's thermos?
a note saying ' have a delicious lunch '
poisionous soda
4. what did Billy say when Joe said ' you eat worms! '
" I eat them all the time,you want one? " and he threw it in Joe's face
" No I'm normal ''
'' no their disgusting ''
5. what did Joe and his gang start calling Billy?
Worm Boy
6. what is Joe's ring called?
the red ring
the ring
the death ring
7. how many worms did worm boy say he could eat?
8. did worm boy make the bet
9. what did Joe do to Plug when he found out that Plug told his sister about Billy throwing a worm on Joe
he didn't do anything
he punched him with the death ring
he pushed him on the ground
10. what was the first worm called
Le Big Porker
worm a la mud
greasy slimy bloater special
11. who ate the second worm?
Boiler Head
12. what was the third and fourth worm called?
The Greasy Brown Toad Bloater Special
Fried Liver Worm Juice
La Worm a' nasty
13. what was the fifth worm called?
Spicy Red Slimy Delight
The Burning Fireball
Code Red Worm
14. who all entered Billy's team
Twitch,Techno and Adam
Plug,Donny and Benji
Bradley,Adam and Ericka
15. what was the sixth worm called?
Dizzy Head Delight
Dizzy Bloater Chunks
16. what was the seventh worm called?
Brown Chocolate Worm
Peanut Butter and Worm Jam Sandwhich
Cocoa coated worm
17. what was the eight worm called?
The Green Slusher
The Green Slimer
18. what was the ninth worm called?
Chopped Worm /w gravy
mushy ushy burnt and grossed worm
Radio Active slime delight
19. where did the find the last worm?
they dug and Billy found one
one was floating in the water
20. what was the last worm called?
it had no name
wet damp mor
la damp fattinin'
21. who wanted to quit Joe's team
22. who won the bet?
Billy did but he fugured out he really didn't so they both lost

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