How tall will you be when you grow up?

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CheeseRox said:
Apr 6 '12, 12:24PM

Cool quiz, but it looks like I'm about to stop growing... :(

TaylorM said:
Apr 6 '12, 11:13AM

Nooooo I can't be 5'8" then Harry styles will only be 2 inches taller than me!

snowiesealy6 said:
Apr 6 '12, 3:11AM

Im gonna shrink?

Stardust said:
Apr 6 '12, 12:38AM

i got my height now!!! i thought this was a really good quiz. very well written :D and please, please, PLEASE. lets NOT use language on this quiz's comments. just because the quiz guessed your height wrong or whatever doesnt mean that you have to go on a rampage...

graceface said:
Apr 5 '12, 8:42PM

5'6 to 5'8 but im 5'8 right now and im 13!! Does this mean im gonna stop growing??!?!?

Ming Ming said:
Apr 5 '12, 4:24PM

Pretty good quiz, except not everyone has a mom and a dad and is related to their parents and their higher wouldn't effect theirs, maybe have more opened questions next time.

awesomepplrule10 said:
Apr 5 '12, 3:41PM

Your Result: 5'3 - 5'5

Since I don't know you, I can't give you an exact answer. Hope you understand. This is a good height, especially 5'5. If your a guy, you'll probably end up in the 5'5 maybe 5'6.IM NOT ANY OF THOSE IM TEN AND THE AVERAGE THEN YEAR OLD IS 4'5 IM 4'0 U BICH FUK U THIS QUIZ SUCKS DICKS

des4life said:
Apr 5 '12, 2:30PM

I am 5'8

Darkbloom said:
Apr 5 '12, 1:49PM

I'm Tall :)

Scartail said:
Apr 5 '12, 1:00PM

I got my current height 0_

glitterchick97 said:
Apr 5 '12, 9:46AM

5'3-5'5 I hope I do get that tall...I'm 14 and I'm only 5'1" :(

Unikat2 said:
Mar 22 '12, 12:51PM

I want to be really tall andd if this is right i will be!

Purple Klingon said:
Mar 21 '12, 2:49AM

I am 5'5

purple_unicorn26 said:
Mar 20 '12, 6:59PM

looks like im not going to get much taller, i already knew that though, only going to got to about 5.3-5.6

thisismyquiz said:
Mar 12 '12, 3:15PM

5.6- 5.8
P.S. I knew that lol

IcyDesignns said:
Mar 12 '12, 9:11AM

cool quiz .. consider taking sum of my quizzes plz ! (:

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