How tall will you be when you grow up?

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swetty628 said:
Jul 2 '15, 9:58PM

This sucks worst quiz ever

Mharlito12 said:
Jul 2 '15, 12:24AM

There is no Asian Heritage (Canadian born)? This is actually for my younger brother, & I just thought that the feet was suppose to tell us how tall were suppose to grow, not the parents? It doesn't make any sense...???

hank said:
Jun 30 '15, 8:06PM

I am 5 foot and a half and im 13 and my dad is around 5 foot 10 mom around 5 foot 4 and it said im to be around the 5 foot 9 to 5 foot 11 range

Minny198 said:
Jun 29 '15, 6:53PM

I'm 11 and I'm 5'8. It said I'm going to be around 5'8. This quiz makes no sense. And why isn't there African American or Caucasian options in heritage and gender?

Jurni1234 said:
Jun 29 '15, 3:42PM

It said 5'6- 5'8 but, I'm 10 years old and already 5'7, so I'm not really sure hiw accurate this is......

Bianca di Angelo said:
Jun 20 '15, 3:28PM

I'm eleven and it says I'm to be between 5"6-5"8, and I'm 5"3 right now, so that could be right, if I'm more on the 5"8 side. My doctor says around 5"8, so it all makes sense.

Slurrrrrr said:
Jun 18 '15, 12:17PM

Im adopted and dont know anything abouy my patents so idk any actual info

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