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  • So I’m supposed to shrink rather than grow? 👎

    BonJovi17 Jan 7 '18, 2:51PM
  • Great quiz, I'm a girl, and I am 10 so I am definitely not done growing and I am already 5'4, but great quiz, not very accurate.

    Selene1232 Sep 5 '17, 12:03AM
  • 5'6" to 5'8"

    RealistErin Aug 31 '17, 4:51PM
  • I doubt this is accurate, but nice to fantasize about. I'm pretty sure I'm done growing, though.

    Stardust1 Jun 17 '17, 3:06PM
  • Okay, 5'11" isn't the average height of a man (yes, I'm a normal boy, and I nicknamed myself The Art of Love. Mostly because dating quizzes are the ones I usually take.) anyway, this quiz is very inaccurate. 🙄

    The Art of Love Apr 30 '17, 7:50PM
  • i don't like this quiz CAUSE THE SECOND QUESTION HAS 4ft 11" AND IM SHORTER THAN THAT so i couldn't continue the quiz

    RainbowPenguin7 Mar 15 '17, 8:16AM
  • @Raven_claw I'm not kidding it's N0T

    AnimalAveril Nov 11 '16, 11:49AM

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