How strange are you?

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StephenRockers16 said:
Aug 26 '14, 8:50AM


havenoidea said:
Apr 20 '14, 8:09PM

Of course unicorns aren't always the answer, 42 is THE Answer.

badwolf10 said:
Apr 1 '14, 8:16PM

Lol I got 11%, but i do love them unicorns so...

Elliryanna said:
Feb 5 '14, 5:24PM

I got 27% normal! By the way, unicorns are ALWAYS the answer.

Gracious said:
Jan 26 '14, 6:03AM

I am 57% normal.Hey the quiz is good!

mlbg360 said:
Jan 20 '14, 5:09PM

At first I got 20% Oh and UNICORNS ARE ALWAYS THE ANSWER... Then I got 9% I guess I'm really weird

Morowyn said:
Jan 17 '14, 1:11PM

37% on the normal scale. WEEEEEE!

Also, to the girl posting her romantic problems...
You REALLY sound like you're only in grade school. I would just... stop. Please. Stop.

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