How Southampton Are You?

There are many people who claim to be from Southampton especially now that Saints are doing well. How well do you know the beloved one and only true Hampshire city?

Take a few seconds to find out 'how Southampton are you'. Be the envy of your friends who can only dream of being from such a prestigious 'Hampshire Hog' of a place.

Created by: Lisa
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. Who are the Saints?
Anyone who behaves themselves in a holy manner.
Lawrie McMenemy and Bobby Stokes.
Southampton (St. Mary's) F.C.
4. What is the Bargate?
A pub with a gate.
A place next to Margate.
A famous part of the walled city.
5. What do you think of Harry Redknapp?
Don't mention that man in my presence.
He's OK
6. Where is Southampton?
Just South of Northampton.
In Hampshire opposite the Isle of Wight.
A place near Portsmouth.
7. What is the Itchen?
The river, stupid!
Best see the doctor about that.
A place in China.
8. The Titanic's maiden voyage set sail from ______ to New York?
9. Who designed the Spitfire?
Reginald Joseph Mitchell
Grant Mitchell
Mitchell & Webb
10. What is Southampton's French twin town?
John Le Carre
Le Harve
11. What is Tyrell's?
The John Lewis department store as was.
A brand of crisps.
A former F1 car.
12. Who or what are Skates?
Something you wear on your feet.
A derogatory term for Pompey supporters.
Several flat fish.

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