how truly southampton are you?

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What a great city we live in. The gateway to England, Southampton has stood since the 10th Century and is a thriving multicultural community... But how much do you know a bout the place? How Southampton are you?

Does your blood run red and white? Do you recognise the name of Le Tissier? Or even Shilton? Take one minute of your time to show you allegiance to that great show the rest of Facebook how much you know about Southampton!

Created by: lee rogers
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Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. What is the Bargate?
a shopping centre
the old city entrance
a pub
4. How large is southampton common?
326 acres
267 acres
400 acres
224 acres
5. Which memorial is at the roundabout junction of The Avenue and Winchester Rd?
titanic memorial
flowers memorial
mayflower memorial
titanic musicians memorial
6. What was The Dell?
A pub in Weston
The home of The Saints
A park
7. In which area of Southampton is the famous triangle junction?
West End
8. What was knocked down in order to build the Marlands centre?
The Gaumont Theatre
News paper building
The catholic church
The bus station
9. What used to be at Ocean Village?
A dock
A shopping centre
A museum
Just houses
10. What is the old name of Southampton?
11. What important sporting event was won by a Southampton sport team in 1976?
Coca Cola cup
FA cup
Super League finals
table tennis league finals
12. What, allegedly, originally caused the 'friendly' dispute between Southampton and Portsmouth?
Football rivalry
The ownership of Fareham
The dockyard unions fighting
Harry Redknapp
13. Which Bridge is shortest in Southampton?
Cobden Bridge
Itchen bridge
Northam bridge
14. How many traintrack sets are there at Central Station?
15. What was Vosper Thornycroft?
An estate agent
A boat builder
A law company
The polish Prime minister
16. What senior school did Craig david attend?
King Edwards
17. What is tge name given to an inhabitant of Southampton?

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