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There appears to be many many of these quizzies for more exciting places, such as Reading and Southampton..... But, nothing for Basingstoke, so I thought I'd create one..... So, here it is, some old and new questions, bit of a mix.... Lets see how you can do..

What do you really know about Basingstoke? Do you know its roads? Its History? Its Present? Do you know more than your friends? Are you worried you know too much about this town?!?!? Well, now finding out just what you do know, by taking this simple quiz..

Created by: Jamie
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1. Which of these is a 'famous' Basingstoke landmark?
The London Street Lamps
The Wote Street Willy
The Timberlake Tower
The Anchor Yard Anchor
2. Basingstoke Football Clubs nickname?
The Blues
The Dragons
The Stokers
The Yellows
3. Which is NOT a Basingstoke school?
Fairfields Primary School
St Pauls C of E Primary School
Winklebury Junior School
Hatch Warren Junior School
4. The main 'overspill' from London occured in
5. How many McDonalds does Basingstoke have?
6. Prior to the Aquadrome being there, the swimming pool before that was called
Eastfield Lido
Northfield Lido
Southfield Lido
Westfield Lido
7. Basingstoke Museum is called
Willis Museum
Joices Museum
Eastrop Museum
Memorial Museum
8. Which of these is not a road in Winklebury?
Warwick Road
Watson Way
WIllmott Way
Wrekin Close
9. Which of these is not a road in Popley?
Marlowe Close
Milton Close
Martin Close
Maldive Road
10. Which London train station would you come directly into from Basingstoke?
Charing Cross
11. Basingstoke is popularly known as
Doughnut City
Eclair Town
Bagel City
Pretzel Town
12. Which of the following bands had a famous member from Basingstoke?
The Rolling Stones
Manfred Man
The Troggs
The Bay City Rollers
13. The maternity hospital, that was knocked down in the 1980's which stood alond Cliddesden Road was
The Shubbery
Fairfelds Hospital
The Maternoty Ward
Bounty Hospital
14. Many years ago, the areas around Basingstoke were used for
Cattle Farming
Sheep Farming
Wood Farming (forest)
Waste Ground (common ground)
15. The main road that runs from Basingstoke to Newbury is called
The A34
The A339
The A30
The A33
16. The main road that runs from Basingstoke to Alton is
The A34
17. What date, in 2013 was the firework display at War Memorial?
Sat 2nd Nov
Sun 3rd Nov
Tue 5th Nov
Sat 9th Nov
18. What place is Basingstoke, currently (2013) in the 'National Wealth League'?
19. Which Bus company currently serves the Basingstoke area?
First Group
20. The 'wonderful' nightclub that used to be housed UNDER the multi-story car park in town, that closed in the 1990's was
The Academy
21. The large open farm field, running adjacent to ROMAN ROAD, Winklebuy is, apparently, the larget open single farm field in England. How big is it?
66 acres
166 acres
266 acres
366 acres
22. Basingstoke is mentioned in the Domesday book as
23. BEFORE Festival Place ad the cinema at the Leisure Park were built, th only cinema was the one in the town centre with two screen, it was called
The Palace
24. Prior to the Morrisons, there was a Safeway, prior to the Safeway being built there was a large roundabout, what was it used for..
A car park
A scrabbling pit
A playground
For dog walking

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