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  • Look at my quiz called what country are you it in the newest section

    Ljohnson10 Jul 8 '16, 6:21AM
  • Literature

    Literature is a common way to feel better: whether it be writing lyrics, a poem or a story. The best part is that the characters or people in it do what you want, and nobody can really talk back ;)

    Mistytail Apr 1 '16, 8:10PM
  • "Go hang out with someone, or tag along. It sounds like you need some human company."

    *lives on a ranch, extremely far away from other people besides my family, who often hurt these situations more than help*


    Tettei Feb 27 '16, 3:36PM
  • 0% Caffeine. I feel like this quiz is trying to tell me something.

    cxxccxxc Feb 12 '16, 9:39AM
  • I got caffeine, but I'm not a big coffee fan. Oh well.

    Random101 Nov 29 '15, 12:12PM
  • Will you help

    Syfyb Oct 25 '15, 8:59PM
  • I'm so sad

    Syfyb Oct 25 '15, 8:58PM

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