How sensitive are you?

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GhostSCARH said:
Jan 14 '11, 3:29PM

I'm 84% sensitive. Hey, a sad song could make me tear up. Don't judge me.

machen1991 said:
Dec 29 '10, 7:46AM

:((( I feel sorry for such people...How can you be so heartless?!
I'm 76% sensitive.Emotions are important,we aren't machines,are we?! Emotion is a sign that you're a human being,with soul,heart and mind..

haltdenmund said:
Nov 12 '10, 5:37PM

You are 0% sensitive.
You are very unaffected by most things. You are like a cold steel blade. You can never be hurt, but you'll also never feel warmth, as you cut all who try to hold you.

this is true. but there's only one person, the only person in the world i am still sensitive for. extremely. for the rest, i'm heartless.

iamashr said:
Mar 23 '10, 2:29PM

You are 54% sensitive.

You can sensitive to things, when you choose to show it. You are like a still ocean. There are many currents racing underneath the surface, but your appearance is smooth.
sounds like, ashr

Puppy xo1 said:
Mar 28 '08, 6:44PM

You are 71% sensitive.

You can be rather sensitive to a lot of things. You are like ceramic pottery. You appear to be tougher than you are. On the occasion, you will survive rough handling, but one wrong move and you shatter.

misskiss said:
Mar 28 '08, 4:45PM

great quiz!

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