How sensitive are you?

Sensitivity is both a positive and a negative quality. It can help you to empathise with others and it can cause you to handle life's difficulties poorly. It's truly an enigma.

How sensitive are you? Are you like gelatin? Or are you as hard as steel? What IS your metaphor? And are you as sensitive, or insensitive, as you think?

Created by: Sorsha
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
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51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Have you ever cried while watching a movie?
Yes, almost all sad and/or touching movies make me cry.
Yes, but only to a few special movies.
Yes, but it's very rare.
No, but I've come close/been especially moved by some movies.
No, I'm unaffected by movies.
4. Do you like the emotion you get when you give a gift?
Yes, it's the best feeling in the world to me.
Yes, I enjoy it reasonably well.
Yes, it's nice once in a while
No, I dislike giving presents.
No, I get no emotion from it.
5. Do you like the emotion you get when you recieve a present?
Yes, it's a wonderful feeling.
Yes, I like it much.
Yes, I enjoy it enough.
No, I dislike how it makes me feel.
No, I don't feel anything from it usually.
6. Do you think you deal well with seperation from loved ones, through distance, death, or a break-up?
No, even the idea of it tears me apart.
No, it's rather hurtful to me.
No, it would bother me.
Yes, I accept change, good or bad, well.
Yes, I would care extremely little.
7. Have you ever gotten attached to an inanimate object?
Yes, I have (practically) cried when something I liked broke/was stolen
Yes, it would upset me if something sentimental were broken/stolen.
Yes, it would bother me if the few items I am dear to were broken/stolen.
No, but I could imagine becoming attached to something special.
No, I could never care for an item.
8. Do you startle (frightened by sudden motions) easily?
Yes, I absolutely hate it when something jerks suddenly.
Yes, I'll startle if something jumps out at me.
No, I only startle if I am already on edge.
No, I have only startled on the rarest of occaisions.
No, I never startle.
9. Do you anger easily?
Yes, I am very quick to anger.
Yes, I anger easily when I am aggravated.
Yes, but only when I am already somewhat upset.
No, I try to stay calm under most circumstances.
No, I usually remain unaffected.
10. Do you consider yourself sensitive?
Yes, I am more sensitive than anyone I know.
Yes, I can be very sensitive to certain things.
Yes, but I tend to control it well.
No, I try to not let things bother me when I can.
No, I am completely unsensitive.
11. Do you like your pet/want a pet?
Yes, I simply love it to death/I must have one.
Yes, it's a good companion/I would like one.
Yes, it's fun most of the time/I wouldn't mind one.
No, it annoys me most of the time/I would prefer not to have one.
No, I hate my pet/I dislike pets.
12. Do you ever have mood swings?
Yes, I am usually several different strong emotions throughout the day.
Yes, sometimes I can be very moody.
Yes, the occasional mood swing strikes me.
No, I usually transition between moods gradually.
No, I am almost always in the same mood.

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