How Ohio Are You?

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xschott14 said:
Nov 9 '11, 9:40PM

how bout dem buckeyes?

shainawall said:
Oct 22 '11, 9:17PM

65% despite living in ohio all my life... wow xD

shaunaluvspie said:
Sep 21 '11, 6:15PM

i've lived in Ohio my whole life and am only a kid so some of the questions with beer and cuss words made me uncomfortable so i quit cuz i know Ohio really well anyway

aang15 said:
Aug 2 '11, 10:19AM

oh yea totally ohio what now born and raised in O-H-I-O!

oxSierraxo said:
May 31 '11, 4:43PM

You are 35% Ohio

I'll give you one more try. If this is still your score, you should be very ashamed to call yourself an Ohioan. Move to Michigan where they are all stupid. lol

Bor n And Raised In Ohio...
SAD... :D...
Im Moving West...

~Sie rra

ForeverMe said:
May 7 '11, 9:44AM

born and raised in Ohio...i got 62%

invisibleme said:
Apr 7 '11, 5:37PM

So have I, and I got 55%.

shadow slay said:
Mar 31 '11, 11:27PM

wow only 56% and iv'e lived in ohio all my life.

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