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  • This is replying to jacqui. And for the buckeye question thats what I said!

    ThatOneFangirl Apr 4 '15, 9:21AM
  • Knee high by the 4th of July! :3 I thought that phrase was only used in my family.

    DreamingOfLondon Mar 20 '15, 1:54PM
  • Actually okay. Born and currently lives in Ohio.

    highlyintel Feb 28 '15, 11:47PM
  • I live in Ohio and really 57% hey not every one knows every thing!

    Bharper Feb 23 '15, 11:21PM
  • Uhmmmm ive lived here my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE i got 68%? IDK about this...

    pippincat10 Sep 16 '14, 9:16PM
  • Wow. Dumbest Ohio quiz EVER. Lived here all of my 34 years and only got 67%. I live 10 miles from Wapakoneta and trust me, NONE of those pronunciations were correct. Who authored this quiz? Somebody from another continent?

    True Buckeye Jul 11 '14, 3:34PM
  • Kings island is soooooo better than cedar point. I should know I live here. And I also got 60%

    AAH Jun 24 '14, 2:31PM

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