how nice are you???

"There are many nice people, but few are not nice people. if your not nice change yourself but if your nice do not change yourself i know if your nice and helpful i know that someday you will be awarded by your helpfulness and kindness"

Are YOU a nice people? Do you have the heart of kindness?? if your not a nice people you do not have the heart of kindness But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!"

Created by: jane
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3. if you see a wallet wat will you do??
take it and give it to the owner
take the money from the wallet
just kick it
just trash it
4. if your friend is torchering somebody wat will you do??
i'll say stop it
help my frend torcher somebody
just watch him/her
just laugh
5. if your best frend is sick wat will you do??
go to my classmate's house
i don't know her/him address so i'll not go to her/him house
just laugh
just cry
6. if you see your mother carrying heavy things wat will you do??
help her
i'll not help her
just laugh
OMG i can't carry that
7. if your frend is crying wat will you do??
help her and say why are you crying
just laugh
i don't care about her/him
8. if you crash your mother's favorite vase wat will you do
tell the truth
keep it a secret
buy a new one because i'm rich
just say sorry
9. you want to kill someone wat will you do??
kill him
torcher him
i'll be patience for a week
just be crazy
10. if your enemy says hi wat will you do??
say hi
kill her
don't look at her
laugh at her
11. are you happy if your enemy died??
i'll just laugh
she reserve it
12. last question would you kill me??
if your not nice to me i'll kill you
no way
if you want

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