How New Jersey Are You?

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_gbunny7 said:
Oct 28 '15, 6:39PM

how did I get a 60%. i've been living in New Jersey since I was 4. now I'm 13. thats 9 years.

Alycat1111 said:
Sep 16 '15, 9:31PM

I live in new Jersey and I got 39 percent what kinda quiz is this BTW I don't have an accent that's only in north jersey if you didn't know

Potterkitty said:
Sep 9 '15, 4:59PM

46 freaking percent!? I LIVE IN NEW JERSEY >:/

Kalapie said:
Aug 13 '15, 1:03AM

I'm New Jerseyan! And I got 22 or something, just forgot!

Stephqn1234 said:
Jul 20 '15, 4:11PM

I'm new jerseyan and I got 36% what the heck?

blackhawks997 said:
Jun 24 '15, 1:04PM

29% Jersey
I'm from Chicago.

Aiwass said:
Jun 17 '15, 2:33PM

You do realize that many of these questions are skewed to North Jersey, right? People from South Jersey don't call it "down the shore" in fact Memorial Day through Labor day is when we tend to avoid the beach; we have no view of the NYC skyline to see what color the Empire State Building is. The mafia is around but not as much. Though we've been getting a large influx in the past 10-15 years, we are not predominately Italian. We actually pronounce it, New Jersey.
Here are some questions for South Jersey...
Have you ever looked for Ong's Hat?
Do you know back roads to avoid the GSP in summer?
Have you ever tipped a canoe while tubing?
Do you know the difference between Bennies and Shoobies?
Do you know who Lucy of Margate is?
Do you know what a beach plum is?
Do you know the difference between a Piney and a Clamdigger?
Are you a Piney or Clamdigger and are proud to be one?
If you got more than 1/2 of these wrong, you're probably a transplant. Go home benny!

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