How New Jersey Are You?

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BCJfan said:
Jun 19 '16, 6:17AM

I got 6%

I live in L.A. How about you come by L.A. and see what you're missing here?

besthoomanevr said:
Jun 15 '16, 8:44PM

Lol got 11%

I live in Texas...lololol

TheSakuraRebel said:
Apr 1 '16, 2:09PM

I've been living in New Jersey since i was born and i got 14%. That's just sad. *shakes head*

Dominic M said:
Mar 8 '16, 3:50PM

Nice quiz! 43% though I live in New Jersey but I used to live in Massachusetts.

Okiedokie said:
Jan 18 '16, 9:59AM

What? How did I get 68%? I've been living in NJ for 8 years...

sapplenj said:
Dec 30 '15, 7:40PM

dudes its probally north jersey, south jersey is pretty much another state with all the differances between north and south jersey

uJu said:
Nov 27 '15, 11:30PM

I'm a New Yorker and I got 46% Makes a tiny bit of sense, Long Island might as well be annexed to Jersey.

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