How New Hampshire Are You?

All right. New HAmpshire is cool and amazing. We are a good state with goodnes at the creamy center. Like a delicious homemade icecream bar. We are a conscientious stae, so watch out! Laugh out Lound!

Try to see how much you know about the good state of NH. They told nme not to talk gibberish so I ain't talking weird,. Random is reallly iuncool but drastixc mewasures means dratsisc times

Created by: NHgirllala
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1. What is our capital
2. Use 'wicked' properly
You're a wicked boy! Bad Johnny!
That was wicked!
So wicked cool!
3. What is the coolest code name for the state?
New Hampster
ewNa ampshireHa
Neva Happen'in
New Hampsha
4. Which town is in NH?
That Yankee one
5. Speaking of, who are Yankees?
Uh, not me. Y'all.
Maine people
New Hmpshire people
Vermont people
All of the above
6. What do you call a person from NH
New Hampshirite
New Hampshirian
Of New Hampshire
A Yankee
7. Where do Keene hipsters go?
Ethan Everett Art Museum
Empire Record Rtore
Hannah Grimes Marketplace
8. In December 2008, what happened? Pick the biggest one that affected evvybody
Local government scandal
I got pantsed
Governor was photograph at Hooters
Snow storm
Ice storm
Power failure
9. Who swims in Massabesic lake?
The local swim teams
UNH Olympic wannabes
Senior citizens, every thurs & Monday
10. What grocery do you go to for local organic edibles
A Market. Duh.
Whole Foods
Cesar and the Tostada
Mindful Menu in Manch
11. Finally, what are Vermont people like?
Ok. They are like the sister state.
Crazy Vermont people! Darn them!
They complete me. (NH)
12. What are Mass people like?
inept drivers
Our cooler neighbors

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