How Naive Are You?

Being naive in some aspects preserves a kind of idealistic view the world has seemed to have lost. On the other hand some being see being naive as a weak art form that makes you vulnerable. Whatever you think being naive may or may not be a bad thing.

A little naivety does go far but too much gets you nowhere. With the right balance of realism, experience, and naivety you will be a successful and insightful person.

Created by: LOSTinTIME
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Before dating that special person what did you envision yourself going? (If you haven't dated yet what do you think you would think?)
I thought we were just going to hold hands a lot.
I pictured ourselves getting married, having several kids, a couple dogs, a lizard, and a neighbor. Oh and we've been dating for a week and a half.
Well people can be pretty primitive. Eventually *cough cough* was bound to happend down the road.
Um, well I've dated online/long distance so there's not really much we can do except type and read so...
Pineapples don't like to date turkeys.
4. What do you think love is like?
It is an engulfing sensation that consumes a person from their heels to the crown of their heads.
It's a lot of hard work. Getting through the fighting and disagreements makes it all worthwhile because it means you've accomplished something wonderful.
Love is give and take. Sometimes you're going to be like Santa and you'll give without getting any appreciation. And sometimes you'll be the one winning the lottery and receiving beautiful things.
It's what it's like in the movies: all about....
Aren't I supposed to be the insane asylum? Come to think of be insane you have to be in sanity so being sane is being insane.
5. What do you think of homeless people that you see on the street?
I know for a fact every single one of them has been ravished by their own addiction and they don't have the will power to change. It's quite sad.
They were in the wrong place in the wrong time and they're a victim of circumstance. We need to help them out.
Well sometimes they're there through their own fault but sometimes homeless people are victims of society that have been discarded and destined to be ignored.
6. Do you respect other people's opinions?
Why should I? I'm ALWAYS right.
It depends. If I feel very passionate about something I can't help subconsciously disrespecting them. I can't help it that I don't agree.
Yeah. Everyone deserves the value of respect.
R-e-s-p-e-c-t--------Whoa! I know how to spell!!! Who knew?
7. A woman runs down the street with a bloody nose. A minute later a big man follows after her and yells her name. What do you think happened?
That meanie must have hit her in the face and expects her to come back to him.
He was that woman's stalker and saw how her boyfriend hit her so he decided to go after her and comfort her.
That man was just going to get her so that she could calm down and he could call the police.
Um? Bingo?
8. Is the saying "All guys want the same thing?" true?
True!!! Cierto!! Si.
No, no, no.
I'm not sure.
What are you talking about?
9. A student walks into class smelling kind of funky. Their eyes are really red. What do you assume?
Tsk tsk. No one our age--in fact no one at any age--should be doing THOSE kind of things.
They must have fallen in a sewer and must have tried to rinse their eyes out with laundry detergent and finally decided to attend school.
I'd ASSUME that they were up to no good but it really does depend on the person and how I apply my perspective.
Blue bubbles beat bears at Black Ops.
10. Do you think that life has a purpose?
Yeah or else why would we be here?
Yeah my religion doesn't allow me to NOT believe.
I'm undecided.
Porpoise is an animal.
11. What makes a relationship successful?
It's a little bit of both of the above.
Love has many components.
Hey! Look at me! I'm an answer!
12. Have you been called naive before?
What did the pencil say to the computer? "Hey why do people like you more?" Wait, I forgot it had to be funny.
13. Do you really believe that no one understands you?
I've never felt like that.
I'd say you understand but no one understands.
It's impossible. With the billions of people on this Earth, and with so limited feelings and situations someone in this universe is bound to understand me: They just might be on the other side of the world, speak another language, and have different faces to apply to the dilemma.
Ble-bloo-bop: Do the robot!
14. If someone has many good qualities in your opinion do you think you should overlook that if they ALSO have one very harmful quality that possesses a threat to your health?
No. It's simple inequality math equation. There's more good than bad.
Oh yes. It's that one bad thing that could do some serious damage to my aura.
It depends no the person and how much I care for them. It would definitely be a test of my character and theirs.
I'm using the Internet right now.
15. Is it appopriate to hold onto the past?
Only when it's all you have left...
In some cases it is better to have a memory live on for the sake of preserved happiness and to acknowledge that the past exists. But sometimes it's better to let go.
Depends on the situation.
Forget the past!!!
What would you like to order?
16. Can you give good advice?
I don't know. I hope so.
What does that have to do with being naive? Oh!! Is it because how you respond to other people's situations that semi-defines how naive you can be when it comes to reality?
17. Thanks for taking my quiz!
Oh why it was a most splendid quiz.
Eh. Okay. You're welcome.
Gotta blast!
Where's the exit sign?

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