Which Greek deity are you?

There are many Greek gods and goddesses whose personality and actions have been taken down years ago in the form of mythology. They all have their flaws and their good sides.

Are you wise and brave like Athena? Powerful like Zeus? Romantic like Aphrodite? Naive like Persephone? Violent like Ares? Easily jealous like Hera? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Michele
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2. What is your gender?
3. A friendly, attractive stranger asks you out on a date. How would you respond?
Say yes, he seems really nice and kind. What could go wrong?
Say yes, of course I'm not surprised he/she asked me.
Say no, I don't really know him/her.
Say yes even though I already have a girlfriend/boyfriend.
That would never happen to me, no one asks me out.
Say maybe, I'll get to know him/her there and then and see if we have the same sense of humor first.
4. How would you describe yourself in one word?
5. Someone kills your favorite pet. What would you do?
Send someone after them.
Kill their pet to get back at them.
Cry and get depressed.
Go get a new pet.
Look on the brighter side, at least you had good times with your pet.
Get sad and even more reclusive, that pet was your only friend.
6. What's your favorite color?
Pink, it's so pretty and romantic.
Green, it reminds me of nature.
Yellow, it's the color of thunderbolts. I like thunderbolts.
Cerulean just cuz it sounds funny.
7. Where's your dream holiday destination?
Hong Kong, there's all sorts of power business things going on there.
Paris, the city of love.
Moscow, it has so much cool history.
I'd rather be where I already am.
Australia, I can go to the national parks and spend time with nature.
The Bahamas, I wanna go scuba diving and look at all the weird fish and laugh at them.
8. What's your favorite food?
Anything, I'm not picky.
Salad, it's so healthy and full of nature.
Steak, rich people eat it.
Chocolate covered strawberries, they're good looking. Just like me.
Any sort of fish, it's brain food.
Anything cool and interesting.
9. How popular would you consider yourself?
Far from popular.
I don't really care about that sort of stuff.
Really popular, everyone just wants to be with me.
I have a good amount of friends.
Pretty popular.
I have a few good friends, but I like to be by myself.
10. Who's your favorite music artist?
Anyone who makes me feel happy when I'm down.
John Mayer, he's not fame or attention hungry.
Katy Perry, she's not afraid to do anything and her outfits are hilarious.
Jay-Z, he's rich to the MAX.
Does Mozart count?
Taylor Swift, all her songs about love are so sweet.
11. What's your favorite movie genre?
Any historical films.
Romantic comedies.
Any sad movie, I can always relate.
I like documentaries if that counts.
12. What do you think is your best attribute?
I'm hard working.
My looks.
My humor.
People always listen to me.
I always look for the good in people.
My brains.

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