How much u know Bollywood

Many people say they know Bollywood, but only a few of them really do! These people are called Bolly-Genius. A bolly-genius is someone who is the biggest fan of Bollywood and a wanna-be actor!!!

Are you a Bolly-Genius? Do you have the Brainpower to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you can only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Anam
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1. WHo is also called King Khan?
Aamir Khan
Sohail Khan
Salman Khan
Akshey Kumar
Amithabh Bhachan
Shah Rukh Khan
2. What is Hrithiks sons name?
3. RK stands for...?
Reema Khan
Raj Kapoor
Rithik Khan
Ritesh Kumar
Raju Khanna
Ram Gopal Varma
4. Which film song starrs 31 stars?
Sab se alag...Alag
Mahi ve... Kal ho na ho
Dus Kahaniya... DK
Deewangi... OSO
Subah subah...I see you
It's Rocking...
5. Who from these was not awarded as Miss India?
Sushmita Sen
Lara Dutta
Juhi Chawla
6. How many children does Amitabh Bhachan have?
six 6
two 2
no children
three 3
7. Which of these is not a movies name?
Dil deke dekho
Dil hai ke manta nahi
Dil to humara hai
Dil tera Aashiq
Dil to paagal hai
8. Which of these is not a singer?
Shreya Goshal
Sonia Nigum
Abhijeet Sawant
Himesh Reshamiya
Asha Bhosle
Alka Yagnik
9. Continue the lyrics... Didi tera dewaar...
le jaana
10. Who from these is not married?
Hrithik Roshan
Shah Rukh Khan
Akshey Kumar
John Abhaham
Madhuri Dixit

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