How much of a wolf are you?

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LoserLoner said:
Feb 15 '17, 11:52PM

I got 70%...

I am a wolf on all levels except physical.
Anyone? U Mad Bro!?

Tacocat1 said:
Jan 9 '17, 8:05PM

You are 96% a wolf!

You are a wolf! You absoloutely ADORE wolves, and you know everything about them! You are a true wolf-master, and if you aren't a wolf, you definately should be one! You are like a wolf in countless ways, and you would be one if you could! Congrats!

Yay!!! *howls*

Mistystar said:
Jun 5 '16, 11:23AM

100% Wolf I do act like a wolf a LOT

Mistystar said:
Jun 5 '16, 11:22AM

100% Wolf I do act like a wolf a LOT

RubyHeart said:
Mar 14 '16, 3:44PM

93% wolf yes this is great!

Mistytail said:
Feb 25 '16, 12:32AM

You are a wolf lover! You LOVE wolves, and you would do nearly anything to get close to them. You are not a wolf, but you are a lot like one.

Wolf Alpha said:
Jan 17 '16, 5:46PM

:howls: I know Im a wolf. I got 100%. I adore them, and I remember being an animal like a wolf, if it wasnt one, in a past life.

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