How Much of a Cuck Are You?

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Iqbal88241 said:
Feb 22 '16, 1:23PM

You people it's upto god when we die

Deadbush123 said:
Feb 1 '16, 11:00AM

Sorry but what's exactly a cuck??? I couldn't understand the quiz description so...WHAT IS A CUCK????

Luna4444 said:
Jan 28 '16, 7:57PM

I'm 0%! Yay! I am educated and a Republican! Yay I also believe in a higher power! Yay I'm happy! I'm also 12 years old.

Nigg said:
Jan 28 '16, 1:22AM

Your mom (and dad) is a cuck.

alberto barbosa said:
Jan 19 '16, 9:38PM

we wuz kingz n s---

t. alberto barbosa

Fringe Wizard said:
Jan 19 '16, 9:01PM

I got 0% cucked on the test. There were some questions where I felt every option given wasn't extreme enough like "A country should care for its own people before letting outsiders in." is the best choice we have for "What are your views on immigration?"?

Y ou kidding me?

We should NEVER let outsiders in, EVER, even when we've resolved all our problems and achieved utopia.

Immigrat ion simply should not be allowed at all. No non-whites should ever be allowed to settle within a white nation.

0b0z0 said:
Jan 19 '16, 8:44PM

assburgers is a socialist cuck

t. obongo

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