How Much of a Cuck Are You?

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jessrond said:
Mar 30 '17, 11:57AM

go back to 4chan

Rockcroc2000 said:
Aug 20 '16, 3:44PM


Saara_K said:
Aug 15 '16, 6:42AM

This guy needs help

scolionophobia said:
May 11 '16, 11:48PM

onision sent me here

amiacuck said:
May 3 '16, 9:38PM

I got 34%. idk if that's good or bad??

Apr 19 '16, 9:37AM

My percentage was 53 and it said "CUCK. You are thoroughly cucked. Please remain where you are until your free helicopter ride arrives." Im not really sure what a CUCK even is so whatever.

Seawingz said:
Feb 26 '16, 9:29PM

I still don't know what that means... xD

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