how much do you know about captain sparkles minecraft?

Captain sparkles is a minecraft LPer. He is very good at playing. His slime Jerry despawned :*(. Why are you even reading this? But, read on dear! Ok, next paragraph

do YOU know about captain sparkles minecraft? Do you have the knowledge of him to qualify for that prestigious title? Until know you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: puppals1
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1. Give me one of the lines from the minecraft parody to dynamite; "TNT".
cause then i can make tons of tnt!
Now i will eats lots of spagetthi!
Now i will eat up all my tons of TNT! (Me: YOU'LL BLOW UP!!)
2. Before it was named Jerrys Tree, Captain Sparkles had a name for his tree. What did he call it?
Home Tree
Spagetti Tree (Me: You're obsessed with spagetti.)
TNT tree (ME: Um.. you're obsessed with TNT!)
3. I'm going to call Captain Sparkles Sparky for now, ok?
Eh, whatever.
4. Why Does Sparky call Jerry's Tree Jerry's Tree?
Jerry the slime despawned.
His name is Jerry.
Jerry is spagethi! (Me: *Makes cuckoo sign*)
5. Did Sparky get his tree Pimped?
maybe so
6. What was the name of Sparkys first minecraft episode?
Spagetti Yum (Me: 0_0)
A Journey of plural heroes.
Tnt exploder. (Me: o_o)
7. Does Sparky have a memorial for jerry the slime?
8. Does sparky have a farm?
Maybe so..
9. Does Sparky have a breeding pen?
Maybe so...
10. Does Sparky live in a jungle in minecraft which now looks like a dying jungle?
maybe so...

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