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  • I got 72%, though I don't come from a high-class family... '-'

    Suzuu Jan 17 '16, 1:18PM
  • truth!!!!!!!!

    gh0stGA1 Oct 28 '15, 3:11PM
  • 0%
    You are not High-Class by any stretch of the imagination. You have much work about you to be done, and I (and possibly no one else) can not help you in this area.

    gh0stGA1 Oct 28 '15, 3:09PM
  • I got 57 percent even though I don't come from a high class family.

    SKV Aug 4 '15, 11:53AM
  • This is redundant, in all of Europe's high-class they have a saying?!
    I'm a part of Norway's upper-class and caviar and salmon isn't luxurious, so maybe they should cater for the rest of the world as well next time.
    Didn't even bother to finish the whole "quiz".

    Edwardhaav Jan 30 '15, 7:42PM
  • I got 76% I know I need to improve. I'm actually a young lady in a high class family. I'm gonna hide this score from my Mother. I never hear the end of it, if she finds out.....XD

    LadyRose Jan 4 '15, 11:50PM
  • 97%, Some questions were kind of hard though.

    NeccoLand Dec 11 '14, 9:10PM

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