How Healthy Is Your Hair?

There are many pepole with Healthy hair. Do you think your one of them? Some one with Healthy hair is some one who brushes it and takes really good care of it.Try to take the quiz to see if your hair is Healthy.

Some pepole have Healthy hair some pepole dont. This is a test to see if your hair is Healthy Do you think you have Healthy hair? Do you know what your gonna get on this quiz? Want to find out? then take the quiz.

Created by: Mariah
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1. How often do you blow-dry your hair?
A - Every morning.
B - Usully, but not always.
C - I wash my hair before i go to bed and let it air dry.
D - your kidding right im not gonna waste my time blow drying my hair it takes for ever.
E - I dont have a blow dryer : (
2. Your stylist knows you?
A - Very well, because i'm there all the time.
B - Sort of, because I go every 6 weeks.
C - Hardly at all because i onley get a haircut once a year.
D - Who needs a hair cut?
E- i dont have the money : (
3. What is your prefence for shampoo and conditioner?
A - I like to buy expensive shampoo and conditioner that fits my hair type.
B - I like to buy name brands, but usully go for the ones that are on sale and not to expensive.
C - I use a shampoo that also has conditioner. Its easy and fast.
D - I really dont care i wash my hair like onece a week.
E - I dont use shapoo and conditioner to expensive i like to wash my hair with water onley.
4. If I see a Mirror I will?
A - I have to look in it to check how my hair looks.
B - I'll glance in it as i walk past, but I won't go out of my way.
C - I don't need to look because my hair always looks the same.
D - Uh who really cares why should i waste my time looking at a dumb mirror.
E - I cant get a mirror they are to much money.
5. The best time i went to a party I?
A - I insisted on getting my hair professionally styled.
B - I primped for a while and came up with a really cool hairdo all by myself.
C - I pulled my hair back into a bouncy ponytail and was ready to go.
D - I'll just put my hair how ever who cares.
E - You kidding me im not gonna do my hair i will brake a nail and i dont have any money to get it done so who cares.
6. My friends tell me that my hair looks?
A - Always looks great.
B - Is really shiny and glossy.
C - Could use a makeover
D - Me and my friends have better things to talk about other then hair like come on.
E - I dont have Friends cry cry : (
7. When i get a haircut?
A - I look through magazines to find the latest style that all celebrities have.
B - I like to let the stylist decide what would look best on me.
C - I have a style that works well for my hair and that's what i get every time.
D - Why should i care about a haircut who needs one anyway.
E - How many times do i have to tell you I dont have any money. : (
8. How often do you die your hair?
A - Not that much i really dont want to damage my hair.
B - i onley use the shampoo thirty times hair die it works just as good but dose not last forever.
C - I really dont like to die my hair im scared to.
D - why should i die my hair? I think my hair is perfect just the way it is.
E - I dont have money to buy hair die. : (
9. How often do you brush your hair?
A - Oh my gosh like all the time its hard to count.
B - Most of the time like three times a day.
C - Onece a day
D - who needs a brush I will get split ends so what.
E - I cant buy a brush to much money man.
10. Thank you for takeing the - How Healthy Is Your Hair? - quiz Did you like it.
Yes, omg I loved it
No, I've seen better

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