How Guernsey are you?

True Guerns know everything and are always right. Are you a true Guernsey or a counterfeit. Do you know your Gache from your Gosh. Try my quiz and find out How Guern you are.

"Are YOU a Guernsey genius? Do you have the donkeypower to qualify for that prestigious title? But thanks to this quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!"

Created by: Min Henry
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1. How many parishes are there in Guernsey?
2. How many registered dairy farms are there in Guernsey.
3. Which months do Hedges have to be cut back?
June & September
April & October
June & August
May & October
4. How much is the cost of a dog tax, per dog?
£5.00 per year
£20.00 per year
£15.00 per year
£10.00 per year
5. In 1963 The Beatles played in Guernsey. Where was the event held?
St Georges Hall
North Cinema
Candie Gardens
Beau Sejour
6. Tomatoes were originally sent to market in wicker baskets, but then progressed to ...?
Tommy trays
Chip baskets
Tom Tom crates
Poat boxes
7. Ormers must measure(in centimetres), measured across the broadest part of the back when taken from the beach on Ormering tides?
8. The current Guernsey flag was first flown in..?
9. Guernsey has had a Bailiff since the 13th century. Who is the current Bailiff?
Richard Collas
Geoffrey Rowland
Graham Dorey
de Vic Carey
10. Viaer Marchi is?
The bridge over the road, Route de Carteret
A road in the Forest
An annual festival of local traditions
Market Place, St Peter Port
11. The Guernsey dish Bean Jar should traditionally be cooked with ...?
Black eyed Peas
Mushy peas
Broad Beans
Haricot Beans
12. Gabriel's Household and clothing shops, of Fountain street were started by Mr?
Brian Gabriel
Ernie Gabriel
Ben Gabriel
Victor Gabriel
13. My gran used to say to me in Guernsey French "Coume tchi que l’affaire va?" Was she saying ...
My aga has gone out!
Time for tea
It is sunny today
How are you?
14. Liberation day is celebrated on:
April 9th
May 19th
May 9th
May 8th

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