How good-looking are you? (guys only)

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The Art of Love said:
May 15 '17, 8:02PM

Your Result: HOT

You are probably one of the hottest guys at your school. Girls probably talk about you all the time. Seriously though, keep away from all girl parties or you might get attacked. Remember this was made by a bunch of girls. Your friends should be jealous.

Funny, I'm actually probably one of the ugliest. I just have a sense of humor and am generally nice to everyone in my classes. Not that I'm complaining.

Eiffel said:
Jan 5 '17, 5:05PM

So I got 96% HOT, 93% Sorta Cute, 92% Cute, and 87% not so cute. Um...thanks, but how does that work?

theninetailedfox said:
Apr 6 '16, 6:17PM

I got HOT! And they say the quiz was created by a bunch of ladies .Feel amazing ,thanx ladies and cool quiz,really

shimata33 said:
Mar 26 '09, 11:21PM

um wow. HOT on first try! I dont think so but I'm definitely not ugly! Just a bit o' the acne problems and muscles are toned, so they're strong, but not big :P

CrazyThunder said:
Mar 8 '09, 10:12AM

How good-looking are you? (guys only)
Your Result: Sorta Cute

Your not the best looking guy in school, but your not the worst either. You probably get a few passing glances in the hall. Don't worry though even if you think no one likes you, there are a few girls who think your special, and kinda cute.


not so cute

I thought I was ugly.

Netto PP said:
Mar 4 '09, 10:17AM

I'm cute...

Every girls like me, but in fact...

They almost scare me!

Look like I'm sorta ugly


luckyblonde17 said:
Mar 3 '09, 10:14PM

yo i m a grl and i took dis quiz as if it where about a guy and i got HOT kinda creepy... if u noe what i mean.... any1 wid me? lol =0

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