How ell do you know The Big Bang Theory?

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There are many types of TV viewers. the chronic TIVOer who never misses an episode, the channel changer who catches blips here and there while the show they're actually watching is having a commercial break, the When My Work Schedule Allows It viewer. Which are you?

My favorite show on TV right now is The Big Bang Theory. I've even memorized some of the lines, and that amount of geekiness is exactly what the characters of The Big Bang Theory would love. But how well do you know Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard, and Penny?

Created by: Sallie
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3. Dr. Sheldon Cooper hales from what great state?
Washington, D.C.
4. Howard Wolowitz' short time girlfriend from season three is...
Esther Rosenblatt
Leslie Winkle
5. Leonard and Sheldon argue in season two episode nine about presenting a paper. This episode ends with them going crazy on each other, but what was their paper about?
String Theory
Loop Quantum Mechanics
Spherical Chickens
Super Solids
6. Penny hales from what what city in Nebraska?
Grand Island
North Platt
7. Dr. Rajesh Koothrappali has gotten lucky twice during these three seasons. Do you remember which episodes?
Middle Earth Paradigm & Hofstadter Isotope
Terminator Decoupling & Codpiece Topology
Luminous Fish Effect & Pirate Solution
Bozeman Reaction & Killer Robot Instability
Precious Fragmentation & Bat Jar Conjecture
8. Leslie Winkle works at the university with the boys... but with whom does she actually work?
David Underhill
9. What real life scientist has guest starred on the Big Bang Theory?
Stephen Hawking
Frank Wilczek
Albert Einstein
Marie Currie
Dr. George Smoot
10. We all know that Sheldon's nemisis is the EVIL WIL WHEATON, but this actor found fame on what show?
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Battle Star Galactica
Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles
Star Trek
11. Sheldon found a possible soulmate one the season three finale. This actress also holds a a PhD in Neuroscience, but on what show did she find fame?
Get Smart
Saved by the Bell
Boy Meets World
Sister, Sister
12. In the Bath Item Gift Hypothesis, Leonard received motorcycle lessons, Penny a box of science experiments, but what did Sheldon get?
The autograph of Stan Lee
The DNA of Maya Angelou
Autograph of William Shatner
The autograph and DNA of Leonard Nemoy
Picture and DNA of Patrick Stewart
13. What was the name of the boy's killer robot?

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