How Detroit Are You

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Gmoneyyy said:
Sep 9 '08, 10:24PM

where at in south west are you from?

sexymama said:
Aug 17 '08, 11:13PM

I was born and raised in southwest Detroit and am proud to be a southwest chick. I got a 86%, because I coulnd't remember everything, but I am repping southwest for life. D town baby thats right. Motown is definetly infectious, and also home of the pistons.

Gmoneyyy said:
Aug 7 '08, 7:47PM

YEAH 100%
reppin' south west till i die.

miss_july said:
Jul 10 '08, 12:13PM



hunnibee7898 said:
Jun 30 '08, 5:17PM

Im not from the D but I frequent there often. I love the D aint nothin like it! Love them D boys too!!100% baby!!

MNWild101 said:
Jun 7 '08, 12:01PM

lol im 7% detroit.

detroit said:
May 27 '08, 11:34PM

i live in hilton head and vacation in the 313 and 248 backwards as hell but thats the way i like it

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