How Detroit Are You

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Sxy Chick said:
Jan 6 '08, 7:20PM

100% BABY!!!!!! Grandriver and Fenkell all day!

sexygirl said:
Dec 31 '07, 10:05AM

i visit detroit every summer and i got 97% what now!

brebreezy2007 said:
Dec 28 '07, 10:06PM

i live in detriot 5 years ago and i got a 71 but im from flint

tgw51 said:
Dec 14 '07, 7:45PM

I used to live at the corner of Chicago Blvd. and 3rd and could see the top of the Fisher Building out of my bedroom window; but I left Michigan in 1978.... and I still scored 87% on the quiz. Maybe living in MoTown is infectious!

bobbi said:
Dec 9 '07, 11:51AM

bobbi got 97%now what

diana123003 said:
Dec 5 '07, 9:11AM

i have not live in detroit for long and i got 74% not that bad

krayzie said:
Dec 4 '07, 6:02PM

im from tha yak n i still got a high score on this s---...YAK TOWN STAND UP!!!

FOLK LUV said:
Nov 28 '07, 6:30PM

100% BABY! SOUFWEST 313!

bagleyncass said:
Nov 27 '07, 1:02PM

Well, random person... apparently you don't come down here often. I got a 97! Muah ah ah ah. It's a stupid quiz on the Internet. Relax.

Random Person said:
Nov 25 '07, 12:32PM

I got zero percent, and I live only an hour or two away from Detroit!

65434yre said:
Oct 5 '07, 6:25PM

poop on your face!

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