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Detroit Angel said:
May 11 '09, 6:46PM

? do you remember when Herman Keffer was a hospital? The Mercury, the Palms, And The Adams, The Olympia, Federal Department Store, Cunningham Drug Store, The 5 and 10.....WOW am I telling My Age??????

chicha said:
May 8 '09, 9:29AM

Detroit 4 Life!!!! Good quiz

lilyljj said:
Apr 12 '09, 10:12AM

I scored 75% and am admittedly not "from" Detroit, nor would I pretend to be; been a southern neighbor for over 30 years. Doesn't mean I don't have mad love for the city though and am wishin and hopin for great things for the neighborhoods and open spaces. Downtown & the stadium areas rock, but there're some great buildings in the surrounds that look too pitiful. What's up with that? I've gotten to know more back streets than ever since the detour, traveling from the south nearly every day for the past 3 1/2 months to visit my grandson at Childrens Hospital. I'm gonna kind of miss it when he finally gets to go home.

Kookie313 said:
Mar 9 '09, 2:24AM

SOUTHWEST BABY!!! Damn lookz like Southwest Knows how to Rep to the FULLEST!! ... MWAH... Southwest 313 .. K double O dash K eye E

bsisler said:
Mar 1 '09, 11:20PM

Great quiz... Only thing that got me was the amusment park question. Boblo was in Canada, Yes it was popular for Detroiter's to go over there by boat but the real Detroit amusement park was called Edgewater. Not sure how many if any of you would remember the ferris wheel they had that was near the waters edge and it looked like you were going to fall in every time you went around.It was awesome.

Norava said:
Oct 20 '08, 5:40AM

Heh, I Used Raw Wits And Scored A 55% How Interesting

cHa0s said:
Oct 1 '08, 6:02PM

7 MILE b----ES!!!

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