How close are you to a mental breakdown?

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catsonlsd said:
Aug 12 '15, 3:17AM


Kitten09 said:
Sep 10 '13, 10:02PM

71% For me... Oh goodie... -_-

harpusrox7 said:
Aug 14 '12, 5:51PM


Lucyheartfillia said:
Apr 6 '12, 11:02PM


hazelfangsbite said:
Apr 3 '12, 6:54AM

61% sounds about right, unless its-... nevermind....

doodle said:
Apr 3 '12, 4:12AM

59% on my own quiz.............

purpleheart307 said:
Apr 2 '12, 10:38PM

27% thats good

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