How Chelsea are you ?

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Are you Proper Chelsea ? Do you know the significance of Alan Mayes ? Did you know that Chelsea once upon a time did not win trophies on a regular basis ?

This quiz isn't about highest scorers and famous team performances. It's about Chelsea trivia that only Proper Chelsea fans would know. Give it a go...Carefree...

Created by: JD
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1. Which Chelsea Manager did away with the nickname "The Pensioners" ?
Danny Blanchflower
Phil Scolari
Ted Drake
Geoff Hurst
Bobby Campbell
2. Chelsea Football Club was the first English club ever to qualify for the European Cup (now "The Champions' League"). What year ?
3. In the (original) famous song "We all follow the Chelsea...", singers urge "Bring on Tottenham or The Arsenal, and "bring on ........ by the score..." What was this original group ?
4. In 1970, Chelsea featured in the first ever FA Cup Final to be drawn at Wembley. The replay was at Old Trafford. Where would the second replay have been held ?
Villa Park
Highfield Road
5. Chelsea are credited with having the fattest ever footballer, William Foulke. What position did he play ?
Centre Half
Centre Forward
Left Wing
6. Chelsea has always been a cosmopolitan club. They were the first English club to field an "All Foreign XI". When and where ?
Highbury, 2000
Upton Park, 1956
The Dell, 1999
White Hart Lane, 2002
7. "Icky's coach came over the..."
Railway line
8. Which Hollywood sex symbol regularly came to watch Chelsea ?
Marilyn Monroe
Rock Hudson
Raquel Welch
Joan Collins
Jane Russell
9. Who was Chelsea's first shirt sponsor ?
Grange Farm
Gulf Air
Bai Lin Tea
10. Chelsea lost 7-0 away to Nottingham Forest in April 1991. A song was sung that day by the Chelsea fans, and is credited for being the first time ever sung at a football game. Name that tune.
Blue Flag
Always look on the bright side of life
Blue is the Colour
Campbell Out
11. Chelsea filmed a commercial in the early '70s. What product was being promoted ?
Heinz soup
Watneys Red Barrell
Ford motor cars
Ben Sherman
Doctor Martens
12. How many in the UK(to the nearest million) watched the TV coverage of the Chelsea V Leeds United reply in 1970 ?
15 million
28 million
5 million
36 million
9 million
13. "It's a long way to Fulham Broadway..." What was Fulham Broadway station originally called ?
Chelsea Football Club
Fulham Green
Walham Green
Walham Broadway
Stamford Bridge
Stamford Green
14. In 2007, Jose Mourinho was arrested after his dog breached quarantine restrictions. What was the dog's name ?
15. "The Liquidator is Chelsea's unofficial tune. Who is the artist ?
Toots & The Maytals
Bob Marley
Harry Johnson
Harry Roberts
Harry Hill

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