you think you know... but you have no idea ;) this is a quiz abo

You think you know me, but you have no idea. Sure, I may hang out with you at the bar, we may have cruised around the jungle a few times, you might even read my myspace bulletins religiously. But how well do you REALLY know me?

Yes, up until now you could only wonder, "Do I really know Chelsea?" But now is your chance to find out. Fill out the questions and get your score. I wish you the best of luck :)

Created by: chelsea of myspace
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1. I just won the Miss America Pageant, what is my campaign?
pro death penalty
AIDS awareness
world peace
2. I would so much rather send a text message than call someone.
3. On which hand is my lucky thumb? :)
4. what are my favorite kind of flowers?
5. If you were trying to pick me up in a bar, what would be the best thing you could do get my attention?
compliment me
buy me a drink
lock eyes with me
throw me a pick up line
6. I got knocked out (knocked OUT, haha not knocked up) in tenth grade. How did this happen?
While I was working at the Curve and a baseball flew into my booth and hit me in the head
When I skipped school to sumo wrestle in the suits with my friends
When I was playing flahlight tag at Highland Hall and fell in a ditch
While playing Charity softball
7. What's one household chore I actually enjoy?
8. SURPRISE! Pink isn't my favorite color. What is it?
Deep Navy
Baby Blue
Mint Green
9. Besides checking my e-mail and myspace, what do I check online every morning?
the weather
my horoscope
the facebook
Delta Zeta website
10. I'm in the Magic Kingdom. Where is my favorite place to be?
Liberty Square
Main Street
Leaning over the jungle cruise dock box

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