How Brummie Are You?

There seems to be a bit of a phase at the moment with these "How whatever are you?", so it's about time Birmingham got the recognition that it deserves.

How Brummie are you? (If you don't know what one of those is, chances are you're not going to do very well on this quiz) Let's be honest, you're dying to find out one way or the other.

Created by: clintonsideways
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1. What is the statue outside of the townhall nicknamed?
The whore who pours
The floozy in the jacuzzi
The prozzy in a cozzie
The flub in a tub
2. If you were on a night out which place would you go to?
Bristol Road
New Street
Colmore Row
Broad Street
3. What do older women who don't know your name use instead when talking to you?
None of the above
4. In which of these sports is a Birmingham team NOT in the top flight?
Rugby Union
5. Which Birmingham institution is moving to a new location next year?
The Library
The Electric Cinema
Star City
6. Where does the 11 bus pass through?
Acocks Green
None of the Above
All of the Above
7. Contrary to popular belief which of these celebrities is the only TRUE brummie?
Ozzy Osbourne
Frank Skinner
Richard Hammond
Cat Deeley
8. Birmingham, a.k.a. "Tornado Alley UK", was last hit by a tornado in which year?
9. Which is the "studenty" part of Birmingham? (It's where THE University is)
Selly Oak
Weoley Hill
10. Quite frankly everyone's been to the Cadbury factory, BUT can you remember what is out in front of it?
A gym and tennis courts
A restaurant and veranda
A swimming pool and cricket ground
In the winter there's an ice rink
11. BONUS QUESTION: Which of these is the Second City of England?

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