The Preston Sports week that was

It has been an exciting week of sport in Preston and the time has come to see if you have been paying attention with The Score's challenging sports quiz.

The Score has played its part in supplying all the required information on all the latest football, rugby, cricket, athletics, table tennis and snooker news and now it is over to you sports fans.

Created by: Tom Hyde of The Score
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1. Who scored Preston North End's goal against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park at the weekend?
Chris Brown
Stephen Elliott
Billy Jones
Ross Wallace
Barry Nicholson
2. Who was given the captain's armband for Preston North End in the 2-1 loss to Crystal Palace in the absence of suspended Paul McKenna?
Billy Jones
Callum Davidson
Sean St.Ledger
Andy Lonergan
Ross Wallace
3. How many points did Alan Irvine say he thought would ensure a play-off place in the championship this season?
4. Who has replaced Phil Entwistle as manager of Bamber Bridge?
Neil Crowe
Ian Street
Paul Simpson
Robert Kelly
5. Andy clark won the Preston Table Tennis Association title this week but how many has he now won in a row?
6. Who bagged a brace for Nottingham Forest to inflict another away defeat on Preston North End at the City Ground in midweek?
Lewis McGugan
Garath McCleary
Paul Anderson
Robert Earnshaw
Chris Cohen
7. Preston snooker star Stuart Pettman was knocked out of the World Championships in the fourth qualification round but who did he lose to?
Andrew Pagett
Alan McManus
Steve Davis
Ian McCulloch
Rory McLeod
8. How many games had the Preston Grasshoppers gone unbeaten at home before losing to Loughborough Students last weekend?
9. Preston North End starlet Danny Mayor went out on an emergency loan this week but which club did he join?
Oldham Athletic
Tranmere Rovers
10. Preston's Andrew Flintoff was forced to withdraw from the test series in the West Indies with another injury concern but what part of the body did he injure?

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