How big is your Eco-Logical Footprint?

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CTracy said:
Jul 30 '16, 2:41AM


CTracy said:
Jul 29 '16, 6:03PM


The Rock Man said:
Feb 16 '14, 11:19AM

93% highscore

Dark22978 said:
Mar 12 '13, 1:29AM

Save the treeeeeessss~

Fartwrangler said:
Mar 8 '13, 4:46PM

Overly simplistic: *why* is the "company* in #4 cutting down the trees? To make paper for cigarettes? Or to build low-rent housing for the homeless?

Not enough choices for most of the questions: In #4 I might organize in the community to try to persuade the "company" to replant -- or I might organize a community replanting effort, and offer it to the "company" for the cost of the seedlings.

And, I don't throw bottles and cans away, but I don't recycle them, either -- I take them back to the store for the deposits, or I REUSE them.

Selena112 said:
Dec 29 '12, 2:35AM

Small. Yay~

Lucky for me, there are plenty of recycling programs in my area, as well as easy transportation that's also better for the environment (for example, lanes for bicyclists only). We're required to replant trees whenever we chop them down, and I'm surrounded by other "hippies."

Sage Parson said:
Dec 12 '12, 1:49AM


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